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Cultivating Cultural Awareness & Self Aware Leadership Workshop

Take a deep dive into the process of cultivating cultural awareness & self aware leadership!

If you or the organization you serve are struggling to find balance within company culture and your own self aware leadership methods, this workshop is for you!  

In this CATALOG Workshop you'll receive:

1) A compelling workshop on Cultivating Cultural Awareness + Self Aware Leadership w/ instructor Justine Gonzalez, CEO & Founder @ Educator Aide.  

In a space where utilizing outdated methods of organizational structure & culture-building are failing, this workshop will provide you with the  resources required for deeper understanding + continued growth & implementation into both your personal development & organizational development strategy!  

You'll walk away with:

  • Insight & takeaways that can easily be integrated into your current professional practice strategy for small, steady results over time!  
  • Common language around "culture" & "awareness" to cultivate with your team while setting precedent for communication within your team culture
  • Next steps to creating balance within your company culture!

2) Custom guided note-taking pdf download for self reflection & learning retention.

3) The groundbreaking Educator Aide proprietary CFLCC tool!  The Continuum For Leading Cultural Conversations is an 8-page pdf download that you can continue to use as a resource in your day to day practice!  The CFLCC provides a comprehensive framework for processing emotions/response prior to & during 1:1 + group facilitation. 

4)  Full Data + Outcomes Report from organizations served (This report is useful for seeing the results of other organizations & how this tool might be used within your own practice & organization!)

5)  New knowledge, perspective, & vision for what is possible in creating a healthy & balanced organizational culture by accessing common language & cultivating mutual respect when deeper communication is necessary.




**This workshop is a proprietary product of Educator Aide Inc.  Do not copy, distribute, or share contents of this workshop without express permission from Educator Aide Inc.**

**If purchasing additional seats for your organization, please have each participant enroll separately to ensure access to their own individual personalized learning library**

What Clients Are Saying:

Reminding to take a moment to figure out WHY my reaction, not WHAT my reaction. Is it me or a situation that I do not understand or haven't experienced?

Today's session let me stay on my toes with challenging cultural perspectives. If you don't practice, you get rusty.

After today, I feel more confident about expressing ideas to colleagues.