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The Complete EVA Program


Thank you for investing in yourself!   We know this program has made a HUGE impact for our learners so far and was birthed through the process of backward mapping in our own edupreneurial endeavors to take the guesswork out of a seemingly daunting step for likeminded professionals who are dreaming of a more ideal situation in their lives.  

Need something that helps connect your passion to your purpose?  THIS IS FOR YOU!   

A huge part of gracefully stepping into the world of edupreneurship [serving the world through products or services that help educate others] is activating, embodying, and envisioning all that is possible for your life. Take time here to get honest with yourself using the Edupreneur Vision Accelerator (EVA).

The EVA program is *specifically* for nurses, educators & anyone finding work life to be akin to spinning on a hamster wheel. The skill sets required, hierarchial systems, and toxic "work til' you fall over" "sacrifice yourself for everyone else" environments are unmatched and run quite parallel across both the education and healthcare sectors + a myriad of other institutions & industries.  

The goals are straightforward for the Edupreneur Vision Accelerator [EVA] program: 


  • Help you get clear on your vision for edupreneurship
  • Create an optimal learning environment with focused teachings and resources for you to develop a complete launch plan of a specific product or service that helps educate others.
  • Develop your own vision + blueprint for your legacy and long-term wealth building plan.


Workshop 1:  Cultivating Your Vision

Workshop 2:  Navigating Tech Platforms

Workshop 3:  Building Your Launch Plan

Workshop 4:  Biz Launch List 

Workshop 5:  Cultivating Your Mindset

Workshop 6:  Social Media 101

Workshop 7:  Community + Connection



  • Help 1,000 educators and nurses leverage their unique skill sets to develop long-term wealth and sustainable legacy by doing what you love! 

Any questions?  Email our team directly at [email protected]