BIZ BESTIE Net Worth/Debt Worth Calculator + EVA Launch Course For Only $44 !!!!!

Stuck in a rut?...

Feeling like there's something more?....

EXPECTING fulfillment in a career that you've been nurturing  to fill your cup?... But it's just not happening?  
Maybe, you're dealing with situations you never signed up for!!  


As a former K-12 teacher & principal (Justine) and a nurse specializing in ER/OB and nursing professional development (Kara)...


Thanks for checking out the opportunity to join our Edupreneur Vision Accelerator (EVA) program.

This program is strategically focused on vision, mindsetbusiness toolkit building that will allow you to align your talents and passions with your career goals + get a taste (or a big bite!!) of what it looks like to be a professional edupreneur!  


We can't wait to share this knowledge with you!!


Why it all starts with your vision + mindset...

Justine here [your former K12 teacher and principal friend!]. Before I started my business, I didn't give much thought to the concept of legacy.

In fact, I want to share my knowledge with you because my company growth was very slow due to my knowledge gaps in taking the leap from the teacher and principal seats to full-time entrepreneur.  

Working as a public servant or in an institution can really deflate hopes and dreams once you realize all your labor and passion gets eaten up by whatever corporate mission, vision, and values have been projected as the status quo.

Let's not forget:  TIME & ENERGY.

Our 2 most valuable commodities when it comes to fulfilling our purpose in the world.

Keeping that top of mind, we can tangibly feel the pain points of our current colleagues in both the education & healthcare sectors.

WE ARE BURNT OUT AND BEING TREATED AS RENEWABLE RESOURCES...but this is the furthest thing from the truth.  

Current state:  Turns out, both general well-being AND earning potential tend to skyrocket once you identify and implement small steps to work from a space of alignment. 

And it's all tied directly to how well we live out our passions AND the steps of execution that will directly impact wealth & overall earning power... rather than ONLY being fixated on passion.

We get into teaching or nursing because of our passion, our "calling".

But we all deserve to live a balanced, healthy, AND wealthy life. 

Building wealth is not for "someone over there doing that impossible thing"!!!

What we are hearing over and over again in our chosen path of edupreneurship?  

It's never going to be enough and the cost to our health AND our wealth is too much!!!  

We realized over time that it's the *right* pieces of business knowledge paired with mindset work that lead to incredible success in entrepreneurship.

But the biggest game changer?

A clear vision aligned to my time, talents, and trajectory for passive income streams.

(YES ...streamS - with a capital S!)

No matter where you're at, here's what you can expect to come away with after engaging in the EVA program:

  1. Longevity in your chosen profession by implementing practices that can translate to your personal and professional life
  2. Development of your personalized, concise plan to create passive income
  3. Clarity around financial goals in the short and long term
  4. Debt and retirement goal-setting
  5. How to cultivate daily self-care practices that work for you to refresh and replenish
  6. Formulate your ideas and navigate your mindset into a purposeful vision to begin streamlining your legacy and wealth
  7. Build confidence with leveraging digital tools and social media 
  8. Learn how you should communicate your vision to your target market.  We will walk you through identifying your ideal product or service for your vision.  Examples of some common products are books, merchandise, courses.  Examples of some common services are coaching, consulting, design.  
  9. How to leverage your current skillset and career expertise as a launchpad for expanding your earning potential 
  10. Cultivate your creative side!   We want you to walk away with specific next steps and some quick wins that will allow your to continue growth after EVA!

Find out how we quit the grind and became full-time edupreneurs!   


Here's what you'll get inside the EVA Program: 

  • toolbox of strategies for engaging the right people in your vision
  • intro to various tech platforms
  • sharing my financials in edu consulting
  • marketing and communication strategy development 
  • my passive income blueprint for building your financial projections 
  • personalized launch plan based on your specific niche interest
  • condensed and focused content in each module to get you set up for success with your passive income streams [hello. your time is valuable!! and you should be making money in your sleep!]
  • Teachings on the intersection of your money mindset & developing your edupreneur vision 
  • Practical guidance & concept-building instruction to give you clarity to position yourself as you desire to show up

We hope you'll join us and finally allow the world in on your gifts and talents!

Maybe you don't see yourself quitting your 9-5 (or 5-5!!!) tomorrow.  

Perhaps, the goal is to fill your life with a little joy that sparks a purpose rooted in passion (and we strongly suggest you NEVER give that energy away for free!)


Maybe you want to build yourself up within your current profession and position yourself as an agent of change and thought leader within your organization but haven't been provided the tools within your scope of practice within your current career path.

Sign up today and get ready to experience gentle transformation while starting to propel your best ideas to life with the EVA framework & like-minded community to back you up! How will your life shift after utilizing the tools and resources within EVA?  



Each of the modules in your bundle will be released upon completion of payment for INSTANT ACCESS so you can focus on one single practical component at a time, building into your vision each week!


Each module of each bundle includes:

  • A video teaching workshop focusing on topical elements to help you build your vision!  Here are the topics: 


    Workshop 1:  Cultivating Your Vision

    Workshop 2:  Navigating Tech Platforms

    Workshop 3:  Building Your Launch Plan

    Workshop 4:  Biz Launch List 

    Workshop 5:  Cultivating Your Mindset

    Workshop 6:  Social Media 101

    Workshop 7:  Community + Connection

  • A downloadable template(s) or pdf pertaining to content from the teaching
  • Private community message board to connect with other edupreneurs 

Not sure you're ready to go all in? 


We've Gathered All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Vision In A Bitesize Bundle To Get You Started!  

Sign up for the Edupreneur Vision Accelerator (EVA) and join a community of likeminded professionals who are looking to expand their career path to include their gifts, talents, and passions!

Living as half of ourselves is no way to be in the world and your unique perspective is invaluable to others!  

We have broken down our entire EVA program into 3 relevant content module blocks in order to increase accessibility for those interested in only a portion of this information!

If you want to dive in and take the entire course, there's a bundle for that as well!  

Wherever you find yourself today, we know you'll find so much value in whichever bundle you choose and walk away equipped and inspired to begin forming your edupreneur vision in 2022!  


The EVA Launch Bundle


The EVA Launch Bundle includes the relevant workshops from the complete EVA program designed to provide you with all the tools you need to launch your vision for edupreneurship.

We define an edupreneur as "an entrepreneur who serves the world through products and services that help educate others."

The Launch Bundle is perfect for new edupreneurs who have already invested extensively in mindset work, visioneering, and implementation of the ground level of your new idea!

We take you through a step-by-step launch strategy to wrap up any loose ends and tighten up your vision and mission for your new business.

In this bundle, we help you refine your concept and launch with ease!


Are You Ready To Go All In?

Get INSTANT ACCESS To The Entire EVA Program And Save!!  THIS PROGRAM USUALLY SELLS FOR $499 but we know the knowledge included in this course would have absolutely kick-started us into edupreneurship! 

We don't want a barrier for entry for people genuinely interested in bringing their skill & expertise to the world...SO WE'RE LOWERING THE PRICE TO ONLY $77!!!   

All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Online Business Await!  



THE COMPLETE Edupreneur Vision Accelerator (EVA) PROGRAM


The Complete EVA Program

EVA is a program designed to provide you with all the tools you need to launch your vision for edupreneurship.

We define an edupreneur as "an entrepreneur who serves the world through products and services that help educate others." 

Included in the program are all  7 workshops in the EVA program that were created with the busy professional in mind.  Each workshop is guided but you may work at your own pace for maximum retention and effectiveness!    

After the intro prep work, you will work through each workshop at your leisure and have access to likeminded community members to chat with in each module as part of your lifetime access to the EVA Learning Library!  

- Cultivate Your Vision

-Tech Platforms

-Launch Plan

-Create Your Personalized Biz Launch List

-Cultivate Your Mindset

-Social Media 101

-Communication + Connection



*DISCLAIMER:  We have loved developing this program for our fellow teachers, nurses, & budding edupreneurs from all walks of life!   We have seen all of the principles in this program come to fruition in our own lives and businesses + those who have taken our course!   Individual results are not guaranteed and are highly dependent on the motivation of enrollees to take strategies and tweak to fit their individual needs.  We do not guarantee increased income or your results.  This is dependent on your commitment to yourself and your vision.  Ongoing 1:1 + group coaching packages available through Educator Aide Inc.!  

Meet the Program Creators

Hi!  We're sisters & business partners, Justine Gonzalez & Kara Gonzalez-Howard!   

Justine is the Founder of Educator Aide Inc. She is a former K-12 teacher & principal, best-selling author, podcaster, and edupreneur!  Her company serves K-12 districts + organizations outside of the education space as a thought partner for equitable best practice, change management, including retention, employee engagement organizational culture development & ongoing professional development!   

Kara is a former nurse who retired in 2021 after nearly 2 decades in public service!  She now serves as the Creative Director for Educator Aide Inc. & has shifted her focus back to her original love of the arts!  

We're excited to share the Edupreneur Vision Accelerator (EVA) course with you to help you do what you love ...

TEACH others your zone of genius while building your legacy. 

You can click the link below to find out how you or your organization can partner 1:1 with us!