We help individuals and organizations better understand themselves, their teams, and how they connect and communicate cross-culturally.

A tri-sector [corporate, K12 institutions, and nonprofit] leadership and human resources consulting firm based in the greater-Chicago area, we embrace the learning journey with our clients to identify which of our roadmaps should be the initial focus for identifying aligned products and services. 

Serving globally by supporting cultural capacity-building, our portfolio of clients spans multiple sectors. We have developed proprietary data tools, accountability systems, publications, case studies, and training to support the cultural evolution of you AND your organization. By offering a multi-tiered model of support, our team cultivates the container for you to jump into your learning at the level you feel comfortable.

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ORIGIN Program

featured workshop

Cultural Mirrors

Enrich your communication, interactions, and connections in your personal and professional worlds. Discover the power of cultural empathy with our ORIGIN program workshops. Imagine unlocking deeper connections, not just across the table, but across the globe, by understanding and embracing the rich tapestry of the human experience.

Our programs delve into the heartbeat of communication, culture, and shared experiences, empowering you to forge genuine bonds and navigate the world with an open heart.

Let us guide you through a journey where every interaction becomes an opportunity to learn, grow, and connect on a profound level.
 This is more than a workshop; it's a gateway to a more empathetic, understanding, and connection to yourself.

Let's get compassionately curious...together! 

Cultural Mirrors: Reflecting on Identity & Inner-Dialogue 

This offer provides access to Module 1 of the ORIGIN program and you will receive: 

1. Workshop 1 OF THE ORIGIN program: Cultural Mirrors: Reflecting on Your Identity and Inner-Dialogue Patterns

>>>The complete 40-minute teaching workshop with instructors Justine Gonzalez & Lynda Hodges. 

2. DIGITAL DOWNLOAD:  Continuum for Leading Cultural Conversations [great to screenshot and keep on your phone for reference throughout your day or print a copy!] 

3. DIGITAL DOWNLOAD: 10-page companion guide for the Continuum for Leading Cultural Conversations (CFLCC) 

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The Role of Cultural Empathy in Recruitment & Retention

7 Steps For Success With Courageous Conversations

Turning the Table: Shared Leadership in Schools

What if you could communicate better?

Our Leadership Workshop Models

This is how it works.

Whether your team is seeking a 1-day retreat or ongoing leader workshops with teams or individuals, our programs are built on a comprehensive model of deepening work with people skills and aligned for leaders who: 

  • want to improve their relationships
  • desire to build deeper trust¬†
  • seek to align diverse teams¬†
  • implement strategies to motivate for greater impact¬†
  • increase leader agility in anticipating and resolving conflict and...
  • gain greater satisfaction in their role¬†

 What do we focus on learning together? 

 01. Becoming more aware of your personality. Understanding your preferences means knowing what energizes you and what ticks you off.

02. Recognizing what other people do, say, and show.  These observations inform you about people’s preferences and the best way to connect.

03. Adapting your communication style.  In order to make a genuine connection that feels good for both of you.

04. Building happier relationships.  With everyday interactions, at work and at home, every day.


69% of employees would be less likely to consider quitting if their companies were better at effectively communicating, even when satisfied with their compensation.


Learn about the Process Communication Model‚ĄĘ
PCM Overview Audio


1) Increase Employee Retention Rates By Improving Communication  


2) Enhance Culture Through Communication 


3) Create A Culture No One Wants to Leave 


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