Educator Aide, Inc. is an international leadership and human resources consulting firm. We embrace the learning journey with our clients to identify which of our roadmaps should be the initial focus for identifying aligned service models.

Serving globally by supporting self-awareness development through our podcast, Cultural Capacity™ which reaches 35 countries, our online learning system, CATALOG™, and our virtual and live team retreats, culturally responsive programs, workshops, and training programs, our portfolio is comprised of tri-sector (corporate, nonprofit, academic institutions) like Formstack, Chicago Public Schools, and Boys & Girls Clubs of America. *We are one of the only consulting firms in North America certified to offer the suite of Process Communication Model (PCM) trainings and workshops utilized by NASA, IKEA, L'Oréal, Audi, and more globally.
We have developed proprietary data tools, accountability systems, publications, case studies, and training to support the positive evolution of you AND your organization. By offering a multi-tiered model of support, our team cultivates the container for you to jump into your learning at the level you feel comfortable.



Educator Aide, Inc. activates organizations to prioritize and optimize communication for culture building within your organization and communities you serve.  
How do we enact the mission with clients?  We focus on analyzing organizational needs with our clients in 1 area of the following 3 beginning destination points: Communications, Leadership, or Organizational Culture.



Our vision is to help individuals better understand who they are and how they communicate.
We support organizations by walking alongside our clients in designing a deeper process and long-term strategy for your organization with predictable inputs and metrics to ensure you achieve your desired outputs and KPIs.  We collaborate in alignment with your existing Communications, Leadership, and Organizational Culture to build out throughputs to build strategy and consistency around your desired goals.



Our values drive how we conduct ourselves both personally and professionally:
-Valuing people and their time
-Commitment to self-awareness
-Compassionate curiosity
-Emotional wellness
-Activating and utilizing our innate spiritual gifts for a greater purpose
-Multimodal communication, healing & learning
-Adaptive communication and leadership